Determination | Episode 1
Determination is a 3 episode documentary series on a kid named Tre Bacon. This is not your average skate video, but more on the lines of the passion for skateboarding and what it takes to actually film for a video part. If you skateboard and have ever tried filming for a part then you know the hard work and determination that come hand in hand. To someone who doesn’t skate wouldn’t understand that. What they see is maybe ten seconds of a random video and say, “man that was cool…” What they don’t see or won’t understand is the time and effort the skater puts forward when trying to battle out a trick at a spot!
Determination | Episode 2
Anger can get the best of some skaters. Sometimes its not battling out the spot or the trick your trying, but more along the lines of battling your own self.
Determination | Episode 3
A wise man once said you have to slam to understand. Watch Tre battle out this massive handrail.
It's a Machine
This is a short documentary film on Bugz Forbes, Owner/tattoo artist at Soulsign Gallery and Tattoo located in Radford, VA.